Welcome to the website of AG Rechnersicherheit e.V.!

We are a working group of interested students, scientists, teachers, experts from industry and externals who meet regularly and exchange ideas about IT security. In this context, we participate in international IT security competitions, and organize such competitions for beginners and more experienced people. You can also find us at the Long Night of Science.
Since the beginning of 2022 we are a registered club, which is also affiliated as an student club at the TU-Berlin and supported by the department "Security in Telecommunication".

We meet Tuesday every week at Audi3 TEL 20, Ernst-Reuter-Platz from 18:00 - 20:00.
Since COVID, our meeting is hybrid at meet.enoflag.de/erstis

Upcoming competitions
If you are interested in participating in contests with us, sign up for our mailing list.


Important announcements and news can be found here:

  • Cancelled


    Our beginner-friendly CTF takes place on the 10th of November from 5pm - midnight in room Audi3 TEL 20. For more information subscribe to our mailing list!
  • Membership meeting:

    On the 28th of November we have our annual membership meeting. This meeting focuses on internal association discussions and legal requirements. You can attend this meeting as a guest.
  • Feb 2019: Video contribution on the topic of 'Secure passwords' on ARD and RBB.

Contact & Mailing lists

If you have any questions about the club, our meetings or competitions, you can reach us as follows:

  • Email: hi@kthxag-rechnersicherheit.de
  • Meetings: Schau einfach vorbei und sprich' jemanden an
  • Mailing list: For low-traffic updates on events and news, sign up on our public mailing list.
  • Twitter: Follow us @ENOFLAG
  • Github: Follow us @ENOFLAG und @ENOWARS

Competitions & Awards

As ENOFLAG (competition history), we participate in international IT security competitions (CTF) and host Jeopardy & Attack-Defense and beginner competitions. Here you can find a selection of our successes:



In 2006, the working group "AG Rechnersicherheit" was founded as an initiative following the course "Sicherheit in Rechnersystemen" (Security in Computer Systems) under the direction of Sebastian Koch and Jörg Schneider at the department "Kommunikation und Betriebssysteme" (KBS) at the TU Berlin. The main goals of the group are to exchange information about new developments (through weekly meetings) and to participate in international security competitions under the team name "ENOFLAG" or the alias "LEGOFAN" (the usage varies depending on the composition and size of the team). The working group, strongly supported by the KBS department and the SecT department, has participated very successfully in more than 27 international competitions in the last eight years.

Since March 2018, the group is an official student club of the TU-Berlin. This year, the KBS department ceased its activities and the Computer Security group moved to the Security in Telecommunication department.

At the beginning of 2022, the club took the next step and applied for the registration of the club "AG Rechnersicherheit" in the register of associations at the district court Charlottenbrug, Berlin.

Become a member

Membership is free and offers some advantages over ordinary guests:

  • Right to vote on association decisions
  • E-Mail forward username@team.enoflag.de
  • Full ENOFLAG account with access to the member area and all resources (research servers, Gitlab, Signal groups, etc.)

You can find the membership application, our bylaws and rules of conduct and dues at /files/. Send a signed scan to the above email or bring the application to one of our meetings.

Those interested in sustaining memberships please contact us by email.